Welcome to the official website of The Great Globe
The Great Globe is a 1:100,000 scale model of the earth to be constructed in the southwest United States.  Over 10 million 4” triangular tiles will cover this rotating 420 ft diameter globe.  Millions of children from around the world will research, computer model, and fabricate these 3D color tiles of the Earth’s surface.  Every natural and manmade feature on Earth larger than 30 ft. will be viewable on the surface of the model.
The Great Globe will encourage the children of the world to embrace science, math, and engineering as well as introduce them to the concept of viewing Earth as a connected global community.  In order to solve the pressing problems facing our civilization, we need creative scientists, engineers, inventors, and philanthropists more than ever.  The Globe will serve as a powerful tool with which to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and create solutions for issues facing our global community including environmental sustainability, poverty, hunger, and disease.

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